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7 reasons to spend a holiday in Halkidiki

Halkidiki, without exaggeration, can be called the pearl of northern Greece. This picturesque resort is considered one of the most beautiful and environmentally friendly in Europe. The evergreen peninsula, shaped like a trident of Poseidon, is washed by the crystal clear aquamarine waters of the Aegean Sea. The peninsula of Halkidiki is divided into three parts, popularly referred to as “fingers”: Cassandra, Sithonia and Athos. Each of the “fingers” is different from its neighbor and has its own characteristics. What is their uniqueness and why is it worth to go here? Let’s see!

1. Beaches
Halkidiki is more than 500 km of coastline. The beaches here are extremely diverse: well-equipped, lively Kassandra beaches with beach bars and taverns attract young people and outdoor enthusiasts, and the secluded and often wild beaches of Sithonia with plenty of coves where you can hide from prying eyes are preferred by lovers of relaxing holidays.

2. Kitchen
The national cuisine of Greece is simple, tasty and diverse. Local cafes are called taverns. The most famous Greek dish is the Greek salad, which, in fact, is called “village”. In addition to the salad, you should definitely try moussaka – a casserole with meat, potatoes and eggplants, stifado – stewed meat with onions and paidaki – ribs of a young lamb. And if you do not have time for serious dishes, you can quickly have a traditional snack with souvlaki – kebabs on skewers or pita-gyros – the Greek equivalent of shawarma.

3. Shopping
As you know, Greece has it all. At least everything you can buy. The main purchase in Greece is a fur coat, and the fur mecca is the city of Kastoria, which is three hours drive from Thessaloniki. However, it is not necessary to go to Kastoria for a fur coat. A large number of shops from factories are open in the resort towns of the peninsula, which allows guests of the region to combine leisure on the sea with shopping.

4. Holy Places
Greece is an Orthodox country. One of the main shrines of the entire Orthodox world is the monastic republic of Athos, which occupies the eastern “finger” of the Chalkidiki peninsula. Monasteries are located on its territory. Men can get here only after a very serious consideration of the application for a visit. And women are not allowed on Mount Athos.

5. Excursions
Resting on Halkidiki, you can visit a large number of excursions, see the famous monuments of architecture and heritage of UNESCO, the most famous of which are: the sights of the capital of Macedonia – Thessaloniki, the ancient Greek city of Delphi, Meteora monasteries, the ruins of ancient Dion, the tomb of Father Alexander the Great of Philip II in Vergina, archaeological Museum in the birthplace of Alexander the Great in Pele. From here you can go to the foot of Mount Olympus and choose one of the scenic hiking trails along the slopes of the ancient Greek gods for a walk.

6. Hotels
On the peninsula a large number of hotels. As they say, for every taste and wallet. Fans of comfortable rest can stay, for example, in Elinotel Apolomare 5 *. The hotel operates on the system of HB and UAL. For holidaymakers with children, the Simantro Beach Hotel 4 *, which is included in the Club Salut program designed for families, will be the ideal option. For budget travelers, Halkidiki offers a large selection of modest hotels, apartments and campgrounds.

7. Guaranteed rest
This year, Ambotis introduced a new rule when booking tours: if you pay 50% of the tour price, a ticket is issued to the tourist, and after adding the remaining amount, a hotel voucher and other documents are provided. Thus, the tourist at each stage of the booking has a real document guaranteeing payment for the tour package, and he can be sure that his vacation will pass according to the plan.

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