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The best resorts in Turkey 2019: plan your vacation now

Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world, especially popular among Ukrainian tourists. The Turkish resorts are offered rest for every taste: “lazy” beach, water sports, lots of entertainment, mountain tourism, visiting the main attractions of the country. The best time to travel depends on the purpose of rest. If you prefer to spend your leisure time by the sea – hurry up now to book trips for the summer, because early booking allows you to purchase a tour that is 15-40% cheaper than its usual cost.

Marmaris is located on the Aegean coast in a closed bay, where there is no wind and waves. The water off the coast of the resort is clean, the entrance to the sea is shallow, the bottom is sandy, which is why the resort is suitable for families with children.

Most of the beaches of Marmaris are private and paid. On municipal beaches, umbrellas and chaise lounges are free, but in order to occupy them, you will have to buy a drink at the beach bar.

Youth in Marmaris also enjoy. There are many bars and clubs here, the most visited open air discos on the seashore.

A popular resort of the Mediterranean coast. In addition to clean pebble beaches, Kemer has beautiful nature. The resort is located between the sea and the mountain range with a height of more than 2 km, there are many nature reserves and parks. Also Kemer is suitable for lovers of noisy nightlife. The most popular discos on the seaside promenade are Buda, Inferno and Aura.

Resting in Kemer with children, be sure to visit the park complex “Moonlight”. There is a sandy beach here, for kids there is a kids club and a dolphinarium. In addition, the area includes swimming pools, restaurants, tennis courts and a shopping center.

Side of the coast is divided into eastern and western beaches. The second is considered safer since there is shallow water and a smooth entrance to the sea. Both beaches are sandy, surrounded by coniferous and orange groves, awarded with the Blue Flag. On the whole coast of the resort are offered water sports: diving, surfing, water skiing, fishing, parasailing and others.

In addition to a beach holiday, tourists come to the Mediterranean resort to visit historical monuments of ancient times. In the center of Side are the ruins of the Agora – once the largest square of the ancient Greek city. Nearby is the Basilica – the oldest stone structure in Turkey. Also in Side it is worth visiting the aqueduct, the port bath and the ancient walls of the old city.

The resort attracts compatriots with relatively inexpensive prices for recreation, plenty of entertainment and a large number of hotels: from budget three-star to huge hotel complexes with Ultra All Inclusive.

The beaches of Alanya are considered among the best in the country, many are marked with the Blue Flag. The resort’s shore is sandy, but in some places there are smooth pebbles, all the beaches of Alanya offer deck chairs and umbrellas, changing rooms, showers, toilets.

For young people in Alanya, noisy parties are organized on the beach and in the center of the city, and lovers of educational recreation – excursions to ancient fortresses, mosques and towers, including Kizil-Kul, XIII century. Also, the resort is worth a visit caves with underground lakes, stalagmites and stalactites.

A small town with picturesque coves, lots of attractions and clean beaches. There are fewer tourists here than in Alanya or Kemer, so the resort is suitable for those who prefer uncrowded beaches and a relaxing holiday.

The beaches of Didim are sandy, surrounded by olive and pine groves. In addition to relaxing on the shores of the Aegean Sea, diving, snorkeling and underwater hunting are offered here.

In ancient times, a large city was located on the site of Didyma, where according to legend Apollo and Artemis were born. The resort has preserved the ruins of the temple of Apollo, and around the resort are the ancient Greek cities of Priet and Ephesus.

A small town on the Mediterranean coast. Suitable for lovers of a relaxing holiday. Prices in local markets, restaurants and bars of Belek are higher than in other Turkish resorts. Four and five star hotels are located along the coast. And besides diving and surfing, golf is offered for fun.

The beaches of the resort are sandy with a gentle entrance to the sea and crystal clear water. A feature of Belek are eucalyptus forests surrounding the coast.

Belek is a young resort, but near it are the ruins of ancient ancient cities – Aspendos, Perge and Sillion.

This resort is suitable for lovers of relaxing, beautiful nature and families with children. Fethiye is aimed at European tourists, so the cost of rest is higher here, the staff of hotels and restaurants speaks English, and the prices of many goods are indicated in three currencies: liras, euros and pounds.

Fethiye itself is not located on the seashore, so for a beach holiday choose resorts near the city, for example, small…

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