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Easter traditions: how to celebrate the holiday in different countries?

Easter on a par with Christmas is one of the most important Christian holidays. And in each country where it is celebrated, there are traditions and customs for the preparation and conduct of a significant date. If you decide to go on a small trip for Easter, we will tell you where on holidays it will be the most interesting. In these countries, Easter week is fun, tasty and in a big way!

Easter for Italians is one of the most significant and favorite holidays, during which the whole family gathers at the table. Required Easter breakfast – fried lamb (or goat), painted or chocolate eggs, as well as salted Neapolitan pie. Also in the menu is sure to include a colombo – a dish that resembles our usual cake, but with the addition of almonds or almond glaze and a pronounced lemon flavor.

Easter morning in Italy begins with a festive mass, which the Pope himself holds on the main square of the Vatican. To hear the congratulations of the pontiff, thousands of people gather at the solemn ceremony annually. Also, at Easter, in Rome, costume shows are held and biblical scenes are played.

The Greeks for the most part are religious people, so Easter in the country is celebrated amicably, solemnly and with obligatory attendance at the church. Holy Week services are held daily, and solemn service is held on Saturday, when parishioners pass the sacred fire from one candle to another in complete darkness. At midnight, the glow of candles is replaced by fireworks. The Greeks greet the holiday with joyful shouts.

If you decide to go on Easter to Greece, on Holy Saturday be careful while walking through the city streets. At exactly 11 am, the Greeks begin to throw old pottery out of the windows. So in the country they welcome spring and symbolically say goodbye to everything old and unnecessary in life. And do not forget to try the traditional festive pastries – a bagel, symbolically topped with an egg.

In the homeland of the Easter Bunny to celebrate the holiday begin on Thursday. On this day, for dinner, prepare a traditional soup of 7-9 herbs. Friday begins the preparation for the holiday. And on Saturday in many cities a big Easter fire is kindled, in which, according to the Germans, everything negative burns out and a blank sheet opens in life. Another ancient tradition in the country is holding festive equestrian performances for Easter and decorating Easter trees with eggs.

On Sunday morning, families in Germany gather for a festive breakfast, after which the parents delight the children with gifts and baskets of sweets. The afternoon is usually spent in the company of friends or relatives.

The main Easter symbol in France is the bell, the sound of which can be heard everywhere. The French believe that his sonorous “chirping” attracts fun and happiness. But the big bells in the temples from Friday to Sunday are “silent” – this is the period of grief for the crucifixion of Christ.

Together with the bells, houses are decorated with colored ribbons and garlands.

On the French festive table chocolate figures (eggs, rabbits, roosters, etc.), fried chicken and chocolate-filled cakes are definitely present. Kulichi in France do not bake, and instead of them with appetite they chew a crispy baguette with smoked sausage and olives.

At Easter, the French love to have picnics, so that the recreation areas in the parks resemble a large, noisy fair. Naturally, without a cultural entertainment program and games in the fresh air is complete. The national cuisine of France is known to the whole world, and for the feast, the locals love to cook something such. For example, a giant omelet from 4500 eggs. Well, where else can you see and try this!

It is possible to celebrate Easter in a big way not only in Europe, but also in exotic countries. In hot Indonesia, too, love the bright holiday. Easter eggs here are not just painted, but decorated with crushed shells – mother of pearl powder, which effectively shimmers in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow. Indonesians have accustomed us to their Easter cake, replaced with a coconut cake. And it is not surprising, because coconuts in Indonesia are growing at every turn.

Here, just as in France or Italy, on Great Sunday they like to gather around a large table, go to visit and enjoy the arrival of the spring.

When planning a trip, remember that Orthodox and Catholic Easter are celebrated with a difference of one week. In 2019, Orthodox Sunday will celebrate Holy Sunday on April 28, and Catholics – on April 21.

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