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With human biological rhythms, we are already a little familiar from our articles and e-book. The human heart beats with a frequency ranging from 55 to 85 beats / min, the lungs inhale and exhale with a frequency of 10 to 18 breaths / min, electromagnetic oscillations in the brain pass with a frequency of 0.5 to 225 Hz. Every organ and every cell in the organism it oscillates with its frequency well synchronized with other frequencies of the organism, as well as with cosmic rhythms, i.e. are in harmony. And this applies to a healthy body. When a disease occurs, the physiological balance is disturbed, disharmony appears, frequency synchronization is disturbed, signals from the diseased organ can change their size and phase, which also affects the nature of the disease. The most complex cybernetic “machine”, which is a person, begins to falter. But the body itself, as if fixating itself to the disease, cannot rid itself of these unnecessary waves.

Until recently, almost all types of therapy in the treatment of patients were limited to exposure from outside drugs, medicinal plants, homeopathic medicines, electric and magnetic fields. And so, quite recently (10 years ago), a completely new approach emerged, when recovery comes as a result of the effects of the body’s own electromagnetic oscillations, previously processed by the BRT device.

Since the waves are electromagnetic, they can be removed using electrodes and transmitted through a cable into a special device that allows you to isolate disharmonious vibrations and, if necessary, flip 180 °, that is, make an inversion, and also change the signal amplitude. Thus, in the process of therapy, the patient and the device form a kind of closed loop, which allows you to adjust the patient’s condition and allows him to adapt. This type of exposure was called bioresonant therapy.

A number of patents have been obtained for BRT devices, they have been clinically tested and approved for production and use by a specialized commission of the Russian Ministry of Health, in a number of CIS countries.

Due to the universality of the approach to the treatment of various diseases and maximum individualization to the patient, the range of pathologies that can be treated by BRT is unusually wide. It can be used to treat not only habitual pathologies, but also difficult to treat various degenerative diseases, weakening of the immune system, allergies, pain symptoms of various etiologies, poorly healing wounds and ulcers, diseases of the broncho-pulmonary and cardiovascular systems, gastrointestinal tract, gynecological and urological diseases, sleep disorders, intolerance to dental materials, drugs, various toxicoses. All the diseases that can be corrected cannot be listed, but the most important thing is that the universal technology developed by the IMEDIS center allows you to record physiological and pathological fluctuations on information carriers (homeopathic grains, water, alcohol, saline, etc.) , without departing from the device, just as we record on tape recorder. Well, then, depending on the dosage indicated by the device, the medicine is taken in the same way as the homeopathic nodule, drops and other prescriptions.

As an example of the effectiveness of BRT can be cited as follows. At one of the Riga enterprises, the doctor L. Frolova used BRT as a preventive (preventive) therapy. If earlier, after routine vaccinations against diphtheria, 90% of workers had complications, then after BRT sessions, only three such cases were noted.

Another example. A 8-year-old boy had a suspicion of a spinal cord tumor. He could not walk, did not get out of bed. After the BRT course, the child went to school and freely overcome the standard in the 60-meter race.

An example from the practice of the doctor Yankova Lyudmila Borisovna. Baby 9 months, girl. The diagnosis of spinal kyphoscoliosis of the thoracic region, i.e. congenital hump. Was doomed, the doctors said it was not curable. 1 session of BRT + homeopathy was performed and the mother was treated at the same time. After 3 months, after the session, the hump was gone, the thorax is normal. At 1, the child went on his own, the diagnosis was healthy.

Currently, more than 5,000 doctors (domestic and foreign) have been trained at the IMEDIS center and successfully work on equipment manufactured by the center in 750 cities and towns in Russia and the CIS. They diagnosed and treated 10 million patients; more than 10 tons of children were born to couples who, for various reasons, could not have children.

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