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Austria ski resorts

Austria is proud of its main natural attraction – the Alps – no less than other European ski powers. These mountains have no equal in beauty, greatness and opportunities for winter recreation. And the fact that it is in the Austrian Alps there are many glaciers, can significantly extend the season for skiing and snowboarding. The climate of the Alpine region gives athletes luxurious snowy winters that last quite a long time and allow you to engage in your favorite sport. The main resorts in the country of waltzes spread in two areas – Tyrol and Salzburg.

Tyrol Resorts
On the territory of Tyrol scattered about 600 peaks, vzmetnuvshihsya in the sky for more than three kilometers. The tourist structure of the region has evolved over decades, and today 119 ski centers meet athletes in the Tyrol area. There are 32 specialized areas for snowboarders here, and five glaciers on the territory allow you to get on the board almost all year round. In more than thirty regions of Tyrol, snow parks have been created with obstacles of varying difficulty. In the area there are ski and snowboard schools. They are located in Innsbruck, Igls, Akzamer Litsum and in the valley of the Shubay glacier.

Seefeld in Tirol
Resort Seefeld is a member of the prestigious BEST OF THE ALPS club and has high-class hotels. The resort is attractive due to its proximity to Innsbruck and Munich and the opportunity to use the ski pass in the neighboring regions. In these places were competitions of two winter Olympics. The slopes of the resort are superbly prepared and suitable for simple and comfortable skiing, and Russian-speaking instructors will help even the beginner to stick on the board.
For lovers of snowboarding in Seefeld there are two snowparks and a hundred-meter half-pipe.
The distance from the resort to the airport in Innsbruck is 24 km, to Vienna – 500 km. After a day of skiing, Seefeld offers to relax in the sauna, cheat fortune in the casino, have fun at a trendy disco or play tennis with your instructor.

Kitzbühel in Tyrol
This resort Borders called one of the best in the world. The famous slopes of the world championships in slalom and the “Garden of Eden” for dosochnikov created the town an excellent reputation among athletes. The season here begins with the onset of the first days of the calendar winter and continues until March, and you can get here from Innsbruck Airport, having covered only 100 km.
The resort boasts 52 trails that stretch more than 160 km. Every year in the second half of January, Kitzbühel takes on the World Cup, which brings together famous athletes and their fans. There are 10 schools in the region, one of which is run by world champion E. Hinterseer.
Snowpark SNOWBOARD Arena is open on Kitzbühel Horn, it has two half-pipe, one of which is natural! The longest snowboarding track at the resort – Rengelstein Sud. It is a descent of medium difficulty, 6.8 km long and with a height difference of 1055 meters. The most difficult is the descent of Schwarzkogel under N 31. Experienced snowboarders should pay attention to the tracks from Egglift with N B9, freeride with N B4, bordercross from Brunellenlift with N B5. You can hone technique on a bunch of routes B9 and B7, after which the half-pipe begins.

Salzburg resorts
There are several glaciers in this region, the most famous of which is the Kitzsteinhorn. The Salzburg zone is represented by the Kaprun resort, whose glacier and immaculate, comfortable skiing area is suitable for athletes of any level. Here guests are welcomed to Saalbach and Leogang, where skiing is not the most repetitive, and the snow is the best. And Gasteinertal, famous since the last century, has, apart from ski slopes, thermal springs, which restore the strength of an athlete well.

Goal am See in Salzburg
This village together with Kaprun make up the European sports region. Here it is easy to find the most varied routes in terms of difficulty levels, and skiing, thanks to the glacier, is possible almost all year round. It is on the Kaprun Kitzsteinhorn glacier at an altitude of 2900 meters that the Mellow Fan Park is located for snowboarding fans. The half-pipe is open on the highway from the Alpin Center to Langviboden, and on the Maiskogel mountain you can fly with the wind in the Mysipark fan park. Mount Schmittenhöhe has the same-name fan park.

Saalbach and Hinterglemm in Salzburg
Two Austrian villages, surrounded by complex and not very highways, have 5 stars according to ADAC. The length of trails for dosochnikov is 12 km. There is a decent half-pipe in Saalbach, and wide trails in Leogang. Mogul tracks can be found next to Poltenlift and the N 85 highway. At the height of Unterschwarzach there is an open-air fan park 950 meters long and jumps for jumps that are available from 9.00 to 21.30 daily. More than 200 instructors in nine schools can teach the basics of snowboarding in the region.
The evening recreation program at the resort includes sleigh rides, swimming in the indoor pool, tasting mulled wine in numerous bars and nightly dances at the King disco and Kuhstall discos.

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