Hong Kong opens borders
Imagine living in a huge city, idle for a day in traffic jams, pushing in transport, inhaling exhaust fumes and loading the brain with cuts of meaningless information. And when…

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7 best cities for shopping
In spring, not only nature is renewed, but also man. I want something fresh and light after warm winter clothes. The sales season has already ended, but right now there…

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Lemnos: visiting Hephaestus
Greece has long been firmly established in our lives. Now this magical country with its bright sun, crystal clear sea, centuries-old history, cheerful and hospitable inhabitants has become habitual for…

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beach itself is sandy

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7 reasons to spend a holiday in Halkidiki

Halkidiki, without exaggeration, can be called the pearl of northern Greece. This picturesque resort is considered one of the most beautiful and environmentally friendly in Europe. The evergreen peninsula, shaped like a trident of Poseidon, is washed by the crystal clear aquamarine waters of the Aegean Sea. The peninsula of Halkidiki is divided into three parts, popularly referred to as “fingers”: Cassandra, Sithonia and Athos. Each of the “fingers” is different from its neighbor and has its own characteristics. What is their uniqueness and why is it worth to go here? Let’s see! Continue reading

West of the sun

The west is usually where the sun sets. In Greece it is the Ionian Sea. That, in the guise of a white cow, Io fled – the mistress of Zeus and the priestess of his wife Hera from a giant gadfly, sent by a deceived wife. Sometimes you think about it, sitting in the evenings on the balcony, seeing off the crimson sun and driving off almost silent mosquitoes. Such thoughts reassure a little – size does matter. However, the comparison is not getting any easier. It becomes easier from the fine wine and the incomparable aroma of the Mediterranean. Continue reading

Golden Autumn Pilio

If you get riddled with the expression “velvet season” (you can frown again), and you do not share the excitement of the “budget” public from the post-seasonal price drop, perhaps the phrase “golden autumn in Greece” sounds less trite for you: first because you can’t find golden autumn in mass-mass Greece during the day – by the end of the season, summer burns down popular resorts to the color of the desert, and secondly, because the Mediterranean flora in the dying stage simply refuses to take on the appearance sung by poets, somehow suddenly nerom antique, dropping the sun-scorched foliage and finding themselves in impartial negligee. Continue reading

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In the footsteps of history: the sights of Egypt
It is a mistake to believe that all tourists go to Egypt to go diving, enjoy the warm Red Sea and relax in the hotel on the All inclusive system.…


The best resorts in Turkey 2019: plan your vacation now
Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world, especially popular among Ukrainian tourists. The Turkish resorts are offered rest for every taste: “lazy” beach, water sports, lots…