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Collection of hotels Grecotel in Crete

What do you know about this summer holiday, if you have never been to Crete? The advantages of an ideal resort can be listed for a long time, but there is a shorter way to get maximum enjoyment from a long-awaited vacation. Enjoy the warm sea and the hot sun. Taste the gifts of the generous Mediterranean in national taverns and taste wonderful wines. Admire the scenery worthy of the brush of the famous painter. Wander through the Palace of Knossos, where every corner breathes ancient myths and legends …

The recipe for happiness is simple – Grecotel hotels guarantee the fulfillment of their cherished desires even to the most sophisticated traveler. Exquisite interiors, romantic pleasures, perfect beaches and fine cuisine – and you will never forget your best vacation on the sea in Greece!

White Palace 5 *, Rethymno, Crete
Full immersion in the perfect combination of all shades of turquoise – these are the interiors and surrounding landscapes of the White Palace Hotel in Crete. In it, you will find yourself in a fabulous atmosphere of comfort and bliss, in the sweet captivity of light sea breezes, and the scenery for your romantic dinners will be magnificent sunsets.
For a perfect holiday, White Palace has prepared:

A collection of coastal suites with private gardens, sea views and serene luxury interiors.
Villas with private pools and the possibility for maximum privacy and quiet rest away from prying eyes.
Mediterranean restaurant, 3 a la carte restaurant and 3 bars, where guests can enjoy the best masterpieces of world cuisine and rare wines.
Themed gastronomic evenings during the week and culinary delights of the Agreco farm
The program of active entertainment – from yachting to diving, from aerobics to mountain biking.
The special pride of the hotel is the chic opportunities for children’s recreation. The services of the little guests include a play area, a free cafe with a special menu and outdoor recreational activities. For young beauties –
Make-up courses from Grecotel, which will introduce the basics and methods of artistic makeup from leading experts.

Plaza Spa Apartments 4 *, Rethymno, Crete
Enjoying relaxation for each guest is the main concern of the staff at Plaza Spa Apartments. Its architecture echoes the Cretan-Venetian buildings of the old part of the city of Rethymnon, located next door.

Family travelers especially feel comfortable here, because, apart from the fact that the hotel offers its guests fully equipped apartments, which allow you to cook your kitchen in your kitchen according to your desire and enjoy lunch on your own terrace, watching the magnificent Cretan Sunset, and for children, and for adults the hotel has prepared a lot of entertainment and pleasant surprises:

Several pools Plaza Spa Apartments – this is an opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and safe swim. The hotel has a swimming pool overlooking the sea, the main pool, heated spa pool, a children’s pool and a private pool.
Games, competitions and unlimited opportunities for creativity await young guests at the Grecoland Club.
Aromas of exotic flowers, perfect massage, peace and enjoyment of beneficial procedures await visitors to the Plaza Spa Apartments.
The hotel offers family rooms, a clean white sand beach and organizes an excursion program for those who want to get closer to Crete.

Amirandes 5 * +, Heraklion, Crete
The majestic ancient greek palace with ideal rooms worthy of receiving royals – this is the hotel Amirandes. Exclusive service, individual approach to any guest and a variety of entertainment and pleasure in Amirandes await the most demanding guests:

The villas of the hotel are paradise nests for a serene romantic holiday by the sea.
The interior of the Minotaur restaurant is decorated with genuine ceramics by Picasso, and its menu is a true masterpiece from the Italian chef.
Young guests will gladly take part in the Summer Camp program. Classes in the Arsenal football school, learning English and just fun adventures await everyone.
Gourmets and sweet teeth enjoy a selection of 9 exclusive restaurants & bars, including organic cuisine, and masterpieces from the pastry boutique next to the blue lagoon, and adherents of Greek cuisine from the owner of the highest culinary awards restaurant Xasteria.
Long sandy coast and private beach for a complex of villas with snow-white tents
For all lovers Amirandes is ready to hold a marriage ceremony on the beach, surrounded by gorgeous Mediterranean landscapes.

Caramel 5 *, Rethymno, Crete
In a miniature and exclusive hotel Caramel merged styles of different eras. Its suites and villas are decorated with designer fabrics and rare varieties of wood, and the magnificent white sand of the local beach, combined with the turquoise of the sea surface, creates luxurious views for fans of photo shoots at the water’s edge.
Guests enjoy:

The game of sun glare on the surface of the landscape pool Confetti.
The exquisite menu of the restaurant Caramel. Classic luxury serving.

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